Conférences à venir

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Conférences passées


  • How to foster innovation through a diverse workplace? French Founders, Boston, April 24


  • The Future of Work Forum "Quality Mindset. Unleashing employee activism for change" (New York City, October 21-22 2015 - for the FOW Community)

  • French Marketers: "Agility, Transformation and New Business Models" (Boston, Oct. 5th 2015)


  • Rotary Club: "Les Réseaux peuvent-ils changer le monde ?" (October 28th, Annonay France)

  • Rencontres MET: Les nouveaux modes de collaboration en entreprise (Collaborative work in the enterprise - June 24th 2014, Lyon) | Video [FR]


  • IntraNetwork Digital Workplace Working Group (September 12th 2013, Paris) about community building for engagement and corporate culture change.


  • Cercle Inter'Elles (Paris, June 20, 2017)

  • ASAP Global Alliance Summit (San Diego, Feb. 28-March 2, 2017) "Comfort in Discomfort: Leadership & Innovation Lessons from an Uncommon Alliance"